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EDS is a flexible and adaptable charity, continually listening to its users. Understanding the needs of our beneficiaries is vital when creating a project.


As such we are able to provide high quality bespoke training, workshops and education to our Deaf users in a variety of subject that would normally be inaccessible to them. In addition, we provide awareness training to hearing people and organisations, delivered by our deaf trainers in a variety of areas such as Education, Health and Employment. This training helps to create an empathetic approach, key in acquiring the understanding necessary to improve a better awareness of all within society.


EDS possess the aims to :


  • Ensure every Deaf person has the opportunity and the support to engage in further learning.
  • Enable Deaf people to develop their skills
  • Offer a support network for Deaf people
  • Increase the confidence of Deaf people
  • Help relieve unemployment among Deaf people
  • Improve the quality of BSL teaching
  • Ensure that both Deaf and hearing people are aware of each others’ needs
  • Improve communication between Deaf and hearing people
  • Improve public services so that they are more accessible to Deaf people
  • To provided information such a direction of career / learning life skills
  • Provided varies of workshops for Deaf / HoH and Hearing people
  • Help to build confidence for Deaf people

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